The Storyteller

There’s no mystery involved here, we all know what a storyteller does. But Mono is a different kind of narrator with a different kind of story. His story has no end and no clear storyline. As opposed to the classic view of the storyteller to whom you can only listen to, Mono offers you the chance to interfere in his story, altering it any way you want.

You too can assume the role of the Storyteller.

Mono’s story develops slowly, no surprise here, but it can grow faster with your help! Mono’s tale is made up of bits of memories he tries to put together, but with your help perhaps he will be able to form a clear storyline easier.

So tell us what Mono’s been missing!

You can post your bit of the tale in the comment section below. Take note that your messages will be manually filtered before being posted so please refrain from posting vulgar or offensive comments.