The Story So Far

Chapter 1

My name is Mono. And this is the tale I shall tell.

Once upon a time long gone there used to be a shepherd, I called him “Dad”. Our house was the only house in our world. There used to be more, but the birds ate them.  We “convinced” some people to fight off neighbours and birds. Some were fond of their feathery friends. Some started telling empty lies.

So the brewer stepped in to settle the lot

Chapter 2

A small man came bearing great news.

A bearer of truth had been sent. The world had grown too small for a particular meddler.

Meet Esto.

“Some spend their entire life splashing in a tub.” Wickedness A-nd A-nger tear A man A-part. “Some see wisdom where there is none, while true wisdom remains hidden with subtelty. But remember: a white sheet of paper is different from a piece of paper that you turned white.”


Yours peculiar, Mono